2 figures: up to 10 cm in positioning and up to 1 thousand of a second in timinig!
In BRAIN we developed a new equation.

When we speak about GPS it seems that the more the Hz the better the result, that’s not true! The more Hz, the better the timing accuracy, the poorer the position accuracy.

*In BRAIN we developed a new equation, using a 10 Hz GPS+GLONASS chip we have the maximum result in terms of trajectory accuracy and thanks to the sensor fusion algorithm we are able to rebuild the trajectory between two point arriving to the awesome timing accuracy of 1 thousand of a second and 100Hz frequency of acquisition!

Dual 9 axis inertials2000 readings per second.

Two is better than one, better precision and accuracy, our sole aim!

What’s a 9 axis inertial? It’s a sensor that includes: 1 Gyro, 1 accelerometer, 1 magnetometer. Each of them measures 3 axis so together they measure all the 9 axis to detect the perfect spacial position.
Well we have two of them for a redundancy of every single axis that means better precision and accuracy, our sole aim!

They call this a differential inertial, you double the sources you halve the errors.

Sensor fusion at its maximum level.

If you don’t speak to each other…you’re not in a team!

A human brain does a terrific and continue sensor fusion…It’s amazing and so perfect.

With our BRAIN dose we tried to do the same. Every sensor we have talks to the others in order to maximize the performance in an endless improving loop. There’s a symphony in our BRAIN!

All the wireless you need, for the smartphone and the external sensor of the future.

Ready for everything. Wi-fi + Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE included)

Getting rid of the wires, again. BRAIN dose has all the wireless you need in order to interact fast and easily with it. For huge amounts of data Wi-fi is the best solution but we designed the device in order to support external sensor such as HR monitors or other peripherals we will bring to the market for an always better experience.

Long lasting battery and memory

Enjoy the ride, forget your phone at home!

The battery life assures you a full day of acquisition so you don’t have to think about it.
The memory is even better in fact there’s a 4GB integrated memory for hours and hours of acquisition.

Moreover all your data are synced and safely stored on the cloud, once they’re on the cloud we automatically free the space so no more data to delete or space to create…think about having fun, we think about all the rest, for you.

IP65 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof

A rugged good looking device

You don’t fear water, dust, mud, shocks. Why you companion should?
Here we aren’t speaking about a cinderella! As the brain in our head we protected BRAIN dose into a super resistant 3 mm automotive polycarbonate.

1…2…3…done it!

1 device, 1 adhesive mount, 1 button, 1 led

1. Position the adhesive mount on your vehicle, that 3M adhesive doesn’t ruin your vehicle and assures an incredible holding.
2. Power the BRAIN dose pushing the button.
3. See the device info through the LED colours

As simple as that!