Performance Tracking System


Track, Improve And Share Your Performance!

How to use Brainsomeness

Place The Device
It attaches to your vehicle through an adhesive mount, no cables or wires needed!
Push the power button! Red LEDs will let you know that your session has started!
Check Results

Brainsomeness App will help you improve your performance and get ready for the next race!

When you are satisfied with your achievements share it with your friends!

Infinite Possibilities

Brainsomeness has the most complete set of sensors, designed for motorsport but suitable for everyday activities.

⦿ On your motorcycle it detects speed, gear, acceleration, trajectory, braking, cornering, G Force, elevation difference, lap time, Heart Rate (HR monitor not included) and RPM.

⦿ Brainsomeness is perfect for tracking your casual afternoon rides, your long weekend getaway or extreme competition.

⦿ Furthermore, thanks to the GPS Safety Alert, Brainsomeness will send a message to preset numbers in case of any accidents.

What’s Inside Brainsomeness

Brainsomeness contains a full range of sensors that measure all aspects of your performance.

20 Hz GPS+Glonass to collect data on your favorite racetracks or trails.

4GB memory to store all of your performance data.

Up to 1 KHz 9-axis inertial sensor to measure and report acceleration, rotation and position.

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